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About Us

ManPower Rental was established to help fill the increasing need for skilled manpower in Canada’s industrial sector.  Over the past few years Northern Canada has experienced an increasing shortage of qualified labour in businesses like the mines and oil fields.  We offer a solution to this shortage by renting teams of experienced skilled manpower to businesses throughout Canada.

ManPower Rental was founded by Luc Richards, engineer and founder of Services Teckni-col Inc.  We work closely with them on a variety of projects. 

Services Teckni-col Inc.

Services Teckni-col is an engineering firm established in 1993 that does work in heavy industrial and environmental engineering. Services Teckni-col operates primarily in Northern Quebec and most particularly in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue area.  It has been involved in the lodging and catering business as well since 1996, as owner and operator of the Domaine Driftwood Lodge.  For more information about Domaine Driftwood, click here. 

Luc Richards Ing.

Luc, the founder of ManPower Rental and Services Teckni-col, has been working as an engineer since 1986. He has been working and living in Northern Quebec for over 20 years, and has experience working in remote camps.  He comes from the world of small business and this has clearly impacted his beliefs about work ethic.  Luc remains intricately involved in these businesses and holds them to a higher standard of quality.  He personally answers calls, and takes care of important questions or client concerns. 


Manpower Rental is currently working with the Italian Corporation, Savoia Group SRL, on several projects. They have years of experience in the labour leasing business and have over 350 000 hours of manpower projects under their belt.  
For more information about Savoia Group SRL, click here.

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