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We provide skilled manpower to industrial businesses throughout Northern Canada.  The service we provide is intended to fill medium term and short term gaps in manpower for industrial businesses.

How it works:

You tell us what you need, and we put together a team with your requirements.  Just tell us how many people, for how long, and what special skills you require. Then, we lease a team to you for a predetermined amount of time.  You pay for the time and labour you need, when the job is done, you send them back. No hiring, no firing, no hassle. 

Our teams have experience with all kinds of industrial jobs.  The skills or trades you can find within our teams include, but are not limited to; millwrights, pipefitters, welders and machinists.  The manpower we provide can be leased for time increments of several weeks to several months.

Prices vary depending on the duration of your project, the level of skills and number of workers.
As an example, a pipefitter could potentially be rented for 60$/hr.   Contact us for pricing details.

Our Manpower:

The manpower we provide mainly consists of Eastern Europeans (Serbian, Croatian, etc.) with years of work experience in industrial projects worldwide.  They are accustomed, and willing, to work long hours to finish the job quickly and efficiently without complaints.  Their background and experience demonstrate a traditional work ethic that is rare in today’s workforce. They are in Canada exclusively to work, and aren’t impeded by family obligations while here. 

Our employees are skilled, they have experience and they are here to get the job done.  When you rent one of our teams you don’t need to worry about payroll issues, insurance, recruitment or training inexperienced employees because you are renting our experience, not taking on new employees.  Our teams are accustomed to working together to complete projects.

In most cases we provide a one week conditional guarantee.  If you aren’t satisfied with the work they do after one week, we pull our team, and you don’t pay.  Subject to certain conditions, not available on all projects.

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